Greetings! Welcome to +COSMIC, otherwise known as the safe space those wuss millennial feminists go to get away from the mundane, heart-wrenching, catastrophic misery that is mainstream environmental news.

We’re making an intentional choice here to only cover the positive. We are not ignoring other information, this is simply just not the place for it. This is where you can go to find inspiration to lead by example, remember that good things are happening, and feel supported on your own environmental journey. We celebrate any forward progress, we’re all on the same team y’all.

As two young environmentalists and working professionals, we couldn’t find the news we wanted to hear. We knew good things were growing somewhere out there, but they’ve been buried under a barrage of weeds. We want a place where we can stop and smell the flowers without considering the weeds as a footnote. So, we decided to create it.

We’re out here collecting flowers for you, please enjoy our #bouquet.